Social and Behavior Change

Improving one’s health often entails moving beyond information and knowledge to a change in behavior that is a sustained, normal part of one’s life. There are many different barriers to changing behaviors, including misconceptions, lack of information, risk perception, and a lack of trust in healthy behaviors, health services, or products. These barriers exist among the general public, health care providers, and policymakers.

SHOPS Plus takes an evidence-based approach to social and behavior change strategies. It uses human-centered design principles to ensure that solutions are tailored to the user. The approach recognizes that external forces play a role in changing behavior and taps traditional communication channels (interpersonal communication, community events, and mass media) in addition to examining structural and policy levers. The project’s methodology is grounded in behavioral theories to change behaviors and motivate audiences to seek appropriate health products and services. The approach includes assessment, design and testing, monitoring, and evaluation. 

Example of our work
In India, SHOPS Plus is raising awareness, reducing misinformation, and addressing barriers to help couples better plan their families and promote uptake of appropriate treatments for childhood diarrhea. The project’s multi-pronged strategy includes the use of digital platforms to foster dialogue, helpline and chatbot counseling services, community engagement events, public service announcements on TV and radio, and workplace interventions to improve knowledge and access to family planning.

Countries: Afghanistan, Haiti, India (Diarrhea Management, TB Control, Safer Sexual PracticesIncreasing birth spacing), Madagascar, Nepal, Senegal (Public Stewardship, Increasing health product demand), Nigeria

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