Improving TB control and care

Globally, one in four people with tuberculosis live in India where an estimated 2.8 million individuals develop TB each year, and 435,000 die of the disease. The project conducted a formative study to inform the development of its social and behavior change communication strategy and campaign for and in coordination with the Central Tuberculosis Division, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and the government of India. Launched in collaboration with the Central TB Division, the campaign focuses on improving health seeking behavior, improving the adoption of standards for TB care by health care providers, and reducing stigma around TB.

The project works with other organizations, mechanisms, and platforms to implement the National Strategic Plan (2017-2025). Unlocking resources outlined in the plan and shaping the TB market by developing mechanisms for TB care are the integral elements. The project focuses on:

  • Designing and implementing the integration of TB care of the National Urban Health Mission and Revised National TB Control Program in select cities to increase TB notification and improve treatment adherence among patients, as a pilot for a national model
  • Developing and piloting innovative mechanisms for home delivery of services and products (TB drugs, diagnostic services) for patients in the private sector

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