People reached with health messages

SHOPS Plus supported local partners in five countries in their use of social behavior change communications campaigns that leveraged mass media, digital health, and interpersonal communication that resulted in over 33 million consumers reached with important health messages.

The campaigns used radio, television, phone calls, SMS, and in-person outreach, to disseminate these messages, reaching people in Afghanistan, Haiti, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania with messages that were focused on maternal, newborn and child health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, home water treatment, and Zika. 

In Afghanistan, over 16 million people were reached with critical health messages. The project supports the Afghan Social Marketing Organization, which promotes and distributes essential health products across the country. Its products include ORS to treat childhood diarrhea, iron folate to support healthy mothers-to-be, and a water treatment solution. Learn more about the country program. 

Close to seven million people in Haiti were reached with health messages through SHOPS Plus-supported campaigns. The project uses social and behavior change communication campaigns to increase overall demand for family planning, child health, and home water treatment products, and to promote awareness about and prevention of Zika. Learn more about the country program. 

In Nigeria, the project supported campaigns that reached close to six million people with child health messages and over 5,700 people with family planning messages. SHOPS Plus focuses on increasing the availability of products, improving the capacity of service providers, increasing demand for and use of services, and supporting an enabling environment for private sector participation in policy dialogue with the public sector. Learn more about the country program. 

In Senegal, nearly 4.5 million people were reached through campaigns supported by SHOPS Plus. The project is working to leverage the private sector to increase availability and use of quality socially marketed and commercial health products, increase private sector service delivery points offering high quality care, and create an improved enabling environment for the private sector within the health system. Learn more about the country program. 

Over 65,000 people in Tanzania were reached with HIV/AIDS messages through these campaigns. SHOPS Plus is working to increase access to quality care through the private sector by addressing the interrelated problems of inadequate access to quality health services, the lack of qualified health professionals, and challenges in health financing. The overall objective is to increase the use of priority health services through the strategic expansion of private sector approaches in the health system. Learn more about the country program. 



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