Promoting health products through Senegal’s favorite pastime: wrestling

Senegalese wrestlers partaking in a traditional dance session – a wrestler’s ritual
A traditional dance session—a wrestler’s ritual

The SHOPS Plus team in Senegal tapped into the country’s passion for wrestling to promote the use of priority health products through its local partner ADEMAS (l’Agence pour le Développement du Marketing Social or the Agency for the Development of Social Marketing).

Wrestling, Senegal’s national sport, is closely followed by most of the population. Everyone has their favorite wrestler. Young men and women in particular are fans of the sport, seeing the fighters as examples of success.

According to Senegal Sports Minister Matar Ba, “[Wrestling] generates a huge amount of respect from the Senegalese.” When a top wrestler speaks, the nation listens. 

SHOPS Plus supported two of the National Wrestling Committee’s flagship tournaments in May and June. Broadcast and print media covered the events; the TV channel 2STV covered the second tournament live. Through these events, the project team raised awareness among youth of products socially marketed by its partner ADEMAS, including condoms, hormonal contraceptives, and home water treatment products. At the events, banners advertised the products and health promoters were on hand to sell the products to crowds.

The National Wrestling Committee wishes to continue this partnership, demonstrating its commitment to improving health outcomes. 

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