Re-launching contraceptive products in Afghanistan

A couple in a pharmacy in Afghanistan reviewing ASMO branded contraceptive products
A couple in a pharmacy in Afghanistan reviewing ASMO branded contraceptive products. Photo credit: Naimat Rawan 

With support from SHOPS Plus, the leading private sector provider of contraceptives in Afghanistan, the Afghan Social Marketing Organization (ASMO), re-launched its product line after a 15-month lapse. ASMO serves an estimated one quarter million of the country’s family planning users. It promotes the use of condoms, oral contraceptive pills, and injectable contraceptives through social and behavior change communication campaigns. In addition, ASMO markets its own branded products. The organization’s operations were halted in July 2015 due to the lack of funding following the end of the Health Policy Project. 

oral contraceptive pills
Oral contraceptive pills. Photo credit: Naimat Rawan

ASMO’s contribution to health in Afghanistan is notable—more than 22 percent of women using modern contraceptives used products marketed by ASMO resulting in 253,000 unintended pregnancies and 621 maternal deaths averted. SHOPS Plus determined the extent of its contribution in a 2017 study. Given ASMO is the dominant supplier within the private sector, the project is working to build its capacity so it is able to continue providing products and services to its customers. 


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