SHOPS Plus Nigeria Tuberculosis Program Process Evaluation

Title: SHOPS Plus Nigeria Tuberculosis Program Process Evaluation
Principal Investigators: Lauren Rosapep, Micah Sorum
Timeline: Start-up documentation: Spring 2019; Cost analysis: Spring 2020


SHOPS Plus adapted the private sector network approach to increase private sector involvement in TB detection and treatment. Although elements of private network models have been successfully developed and used to increase TB detection and patient flows in India, they had not been extensively used or implemented in other settings with a high TB burden, like Nigeria. Since the SHOPS Plus model was a relatively new approach, the process evaluation documented and evaluated the start-up and implementation of the networks in Lagos and Kano. The documentation assisted with adaptive management, and informed scale-up and replication in other setting where stakeholders have interest in establishing private provider networks for TB detection and treatment.

Objectives/research questions

The process evaluation examined four different program implementation topics, including:

  • Topic 1: The theoretical and practical aspects of the network model’s design;
  • Topic 2: The processes and systems that are intended to facilitate network function;
  • Topic 3: Project achievements against expectations and goals
  • Topic 4: The cost implications of program design and implementation.


The process evaluation was implemented in two phases, including an early program phase and a late program phase. The early program phase focused on start-up and late program phase focused on program adaptations and prospects for sustainability. To examine each evaluation topic the study relied on mixed methods, and drew from various quantitative and qualitative data sources to address them. These methods included:

  • Document review 
  • Key informant interviews with SHOPS Plus program staff and national and state-level stakeholders.
  • Analysis of program monitoring data to describe/track network performance
  • Analysis of program financial data to describe the costs of starting up and implementing the program, supporting the networks and the different cadres within the networks and assess the program’s value for money

Status: Completed
Last updated: October 2021

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