Patterns and Determinants of Commercial Sector Use Among Adolescent Condom Users in Jamaica and Urban Cameroon.

This study provides a quantitative analysis of the factors that promote and deter commercial-sector condom source choice among adolescents in Jamaica and urban Cameroon to better inform efforts to strengthen commercial reproductive health services for youth. Using data from recent adolescent household surveys, the study specifically examines the effects of service access (financial, geographic, and psychological), the demand for service quality, and the demand for condom quality on commercial-sector source choice relative to three alternatives: informal-sector source choice (e.g. friends, partners, or relatives), public sector source choice, and non-use of any contraceptive method (e.g. no source). The findings suggest that the commercial sector's key strengths with respect to condom provision are that youth perceive it to offer relatively high-quality products. A central limitation, however, is that some young people cannot afford commercial-sector condoms and may choose either not to use condoms at all (e.g. Cameroonian girls) or to rely on informal sources, such as friends and relatives, for condoms. The findings also suggest that commercial-sector outlets can be even more successful than they already are at attracting young people by improving privacy, making condom purchase less embarrassing, and providing health information.


Ruth Berg PhD, Sara Zellner PhD


CMS Project

July 2004
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informal sector
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