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In September 2011, the USAID mission in Ghana invited the Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project to develop a program for introducing new diarrhea treatment guidelines to the private sector as a complement to public sector efforts. SHOPS developed and implemented a four-year program that focused on four main objectives: expand access to and ensure a sustained supply of quality, affordable ORS and zinc through private sector channels; improve consumer and private provider knowledge of correct use and effectiveness of zinc as a treatment for diarrhea; and increase the use of ORS and zinc as the first-line treatment for acute pediatric diarrheas. The program was implemented nationwide, with targeted training and supportive supervision for frontline drug retailers and over-the-counter medical sellers (OTCMS) in three USAID target regions: Central, Greater Accra, and Western Ghana. This profile presents the program’s context, goals, components, results, and the following lessons learned:

  • Public-private partnerships enhance prospects for successful scale up.
  • Recognition and engagement with OTCMS as front-line providers in the community is essential.
  • Mass media is a key link to consumer awareness and ultimately to correct ORS and zinc use.
  • Innovative technologies reinforce training and help build a collaborative relationship between public sector regulators and private sector outlets.
  • Partnerships with established regulatory bodies and integrating the program into existing systems strengthen prospects for sustainability.

SHOPS Project


SHOPS Project

April 2015
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