Family Planning Barriers in a High Fertility Conflict Setting: Methods and Results from a Household Survey in Afghanistan

Collecting reproductive health data in high-fertility settings ridden with conflict such as Afghanistan is challenging and requires dynamic approaches. Evidence regarding motivators and barriers to family planning use in Afghanistan is critically needed to inform contraception demand generation activities. After the Afghan Social Marketing Organization implemented a mass media advertising campaign for its oral and injectable contraception brand (Khoshi), SHOPS Plus conducted a household survey in nearly 200 Afghan districts with married men and women to better understand factors that encourage and impede family planning uptake. The research objectives were to:

  1. Understand media habits and contraception purchasing behaviors among women of reproductive age.
  2. Measure the reach and recall of the Khoshi advertising campaign and its influence on intention to use contraception.
  3. Identify social and behavioral barriers to contraceptive uptake to inform future marketing and behavior change campaigns.

Tess Shiras presented this poster at the Population Association of America Annual Meeting on April 26, 2018.

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Lauren Rosapep, Sarah Bradley, Tess Shiras



April 2018
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Pharmaceutical Partnerships and Social Marketing
Social and Behavior Change Communication
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Family Planning
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oral contraception
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