Côte d’Ivoire Private Health Sector Assessment: Family Planning

Despite economic and political improvements, a significant number of health challenges persist in Côte d’Ivoire and access to care remains difficult for many. The country is experiencing a generalized HIV epidemic with an adult prevalence rate of 3.2, a fertility rate of 4.9 children per woman, and persistently high neonatal and maternal mortality rates. The health system in Côte d’Ivoire has a well-developed legal and administrative framework, but lacks the resources needed to implement health programs that can meet the health needs of its 22 .7 million citizens. The private health sector can play a larger role in meeting these needs, particularly in the area of family planning, but data and information about this sector are scarce. SHOPS Plus, in collaboration with USAID/Abidjan, conducted an assessment of the family planning market with the goal of sustainably leveraging this sector to help achieve Côte d’Ivoire’s modern contraceptive prevalence rate target. This report showcases the results from that assessment. 

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Françoise Armand, Emily Mangone, Sean Callahan, and Virginie Combet



December 2018
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