Assessment of Private Provider Experiences after Training on Gender-Based Violence Service Provision

Title: Assessment of Private Provider Experiences after Training on Gender-Based Violence Service Provision
Principal Investigators: Lauren Rosapep, Micah Sorum, Mary Beth Hastings, Anne Eckman
Timeline: October 2020 – June 2021


Although Tanzania leads other African countries in its response to gender-based violence (GBV)-- including a national policy, implementation guidelines, and standardized curricula and training modules-- private providers and facilities have not been systematically included. To address this gap, SHOPS Plus and its local partner Women in Law and Development Africa, Tanzania (WiLDAF) initiated a small pilot activity to engage private health facilities in training and informal networking to support introduction and provision of GBV services. As part of this pilot, private providers participated in a six-day training using the national GBV curriculum to be able to integrate appropriate protocols for screening, treating, and referral for GBV survivors in their facilities. Additionally, government stakeholders were invited to join in the training to facilitate engagement with the private sector and the providers received up to two supportive supervision visits afterwards from program staff to monitor implementation.

SHOPS Plus is assessing the experiences and perspectives of GBV service providers who participated in the pilot. The findings will be used to identify recommendations and potential interventions to address private-sector-specific barriers and opportunities to improve the private sector’s engagement in the GBV response.


The objectives of this assessment are to:

  1. Document how pilot facilities engage and serve GBV survivors, and how the integration of GBV services has evolved in facilities since they were initiated in December 2019;
  2. Understand how pilot facilities interface with and link clients to the public sector GBV response system, and the extent to which facilities regard themselves as “part” of this system; and
  3. Examine what private providers and stakeholders think is needed to sustain or expand private sector contributions to Tanzania’s GBV response.


SHOPS Plus will conduct in-depth interviews with providers who attended the SHOPS Plus GBV training in November 2019, owners of some of the facilities where trained providers work, as well as key-informant interviews with program and government stakeholders who were involved in the training and supportive supervision visits. To complement the findings on providers and stakeholders’ experience, SHOPS Plus will also collective basic GBV service statistics to understand the volume of GBV services delivered in participating facilities between December 2019-2020.

Status: Ongoing
Date of last update: March 2021

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