Making behavior change fun

Engaging with consumers face-to-face

SHOPS Plus India has tested 22 types of interpersonal communication activities to spark behavior change in family planning and child health.


Interpersonal communication activities are an important aspect of SHOPS Plus India’s social and behavior change strategy of increasing contraception use and promoting use of ORS & Zinc to treat childhood diarrhea. All activities reinforced once of these two goals while engaging directly with consumers throughout their daily routines. Here are a few activity highlights.

Bindaas Binita

Women receive family planning messaging from the carefree young women, Bindaas Binita, through headphones while they relax at the beauty parlor.

Four young women


Young females of our locality at Pan Bazar neither knew the importance of family planning, nor discussed it amongst themselves. “Bidaas Binita” opened their eyes and they have started dialing the Helpline for more information, and are seeking medical advice. When they see the poster in my shop, they ask me questions and I ask them to dial the helpline for their questions.” - Mrs. Hema Masih, Owner Dulhan Beauty Parlor, Pan Bazar, Guwahati

Dynamic marketplace skits

Actors perform a skit in a bustling market place that starts as a heated argument on family planning to draw the attention of passers. At the end of the skit they arrive at an agreement, teaching the audience the importance of communication in family planning decision making.

crowded street in IndiaCrowd with signs


Bestie Outing

Popup stands around college campuses inform students of family planning and reproductive health topics through interactive quizzes and games with their friends.

Left: Young students hanging out in a hallway. Right: Young students hanging out outside near a stall


Knock Knock, Kaun Hai?

Like the ‘knock knock, who’s there?’ joke a news reporter and camera crew knock on the doors of houses and asks them questions regarding ORS and Zinc. If participants can answer correctly, their interviews are played on the radio and video clips are posted on Facebook.

Woman being interviewed by a man and a woman while being filmed

Such educational programs are highly needed because there are many mothers like me who have no idea how they can better manage and treat diarrhea and make sure their babies stay healthy and happy.” - Shagufta Begum, Ranchi

Man with a video camera filming a group of women and children



In this activity chemists make a shapath, or pledge, to promote proper diarrhea management by displaying their photo on an ORS & Zinc poster in their pharmacy.

Man at a drug shop talking to a cashier

After exposure to “I-Shapath” we now check the prescription of a child diagnosed with diarrhea for mention of ORS and Zinc… My poster at the entrance of the shop keeps reminding to share this information with all young parents.” - Mr. Pradeep Saha, Arunoday Medicals, Guwahati

Virtual reality rollercoaster

A virtual reality game uses innovative technology to transport users on a rollercoaster ride that also educates them with intermittent messages on ORS and Zinc use for managing child diarrhea.

Two women using virtual reality headsets


Mummy Ke Superhero

In villages actors become ‘a mother’s superhero’ by performing a diarrhea versus ORS & Zinc battle. The skit depicts the benefits of ORS & Zinc when fighting against childhood diarrhea because ORS & Zinc will always save the day!

two people dressed as superman and superwoman are talking to a crowed of children and you adultstwo people dressed as superman and superwoman are talking to a crowed of children and you adults


Jodi Premier League

Cricket matches are held to bring community members together. The umpires and commentators add diarrhea management messages to the live commentary to make matches fun and educational!

Crowd watching a cricket match





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