Improving child health through private sector engagement

We have made significant advancements in reducing child mortality. However, despite these improvements, pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria still account for the vast majority of under-five deaths. SHOPS Plus contributes to the reduction of childhood mortality and illness by improving access to child health services through private sector engagement.

Check out briefs and regional webinars on where treatment or advice is sought for sick children, and learn how increasing access to home water treatment products and stocking oral rehydration salts at home can save the lives of children.

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Sources for Sick Child Care Materials

Understanding if and where sick children are taken for care is critical to improve case management interventions. The following briefs, webinars, and slide decks present a secondary analysis of Demographic and Health Survey data from 24 of the 25 USAID maternal and child survival priority countries to examine where treatment or advice is sought for sick children who experienced at least one of three treatable illnesses: fever, acute respiratory infection, or diarrhea. Read the briefs and watch the webinars. 

Building sustainable markets to ensure access to safe drinking water for children

Buildings on a hill in Haiti
Only 14% of the population in Haiti has access to potable water in their homes. | Credit: Emily Mangone

A history of hurricanes and flooding has made Haiti vulnerable to cholera and diarrhea, two preventable diseases. However, with 70 percent of water sources contaminated and only 14 percent of the population having access to potable water in their homes, the country struggles to control these epidemics. Since the cholera outbreak in 2010 following a devastating earthquake, the government developed a national plan to eliminate the disease by 2022 and prevent future epidemics by increasing access to and use of chlorine-based home water treatment products. SHOPS Plus aims to increase overall demand for and supply of home water treatment products through local commercial partnerships as a way to ensure a sustainable supply. Read more

Be prepared: Stock ORS and zinc at home

Mom and baby sitting
Caregivers are unaware of the health risks associated with the diarrheal disease and how to treat it. | Credit: Jessica Scranton

SHOPS Plus launched a campaign to address caregiver practices for managing diarrhea with a radio spot in India. Broadcast in Hindi, the radio spot focused on the importance of caregivers stocking oral rehydration salts (ORS) and zinc at home for the immediate treatment of diarrhea. The spot is part of a child health campaign geared toward improving diarrhea management practices among caregivers of children under five. Read more. 

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