Improved civil society organizations sustainability through public-private engagement

SHOPS Plus implemented strategies to improve the sustainability of civil society organizations providing HIV services to key populations in Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. In Guyana, SHOPS Plus built the capacity of the National AIDS Program Secretariat (NAPS) to institutionalize and manage contracting with civil society organizations by providing technical support to implement and monitor a social contracting pilot. SHOPS Plus collaborated with NAPS to build the capacity of civil society organizations to contract with the Ministry of Public Health and train stakeholders to implement and monitor the contracting scheme.

In Trinidad and Tobago, SHOPS Plus focused on strengthening the organizational capacity of the Grassroots Organization Operating Together in Sisterhood in Trinidad and Tobago (GROOTS T&T), a civil society organization that provides HIV services. SHOPS Plus supported GROOTS T&T to identify and implement domestic resource mobilization strategies and developed lessons learned for use by other civil society organizations. SHOPS Plus supported GROOTS T&T to develop applications for two long-term government subventions and two grant opportunities, thereby creating a path toward a sustainable future. In addition, SHOPS Plus facilitated the development of a strategic plan to guide GROOTS T&T’s operations and identified local partners, including the Red Cross, who will continue to support GROOTS T&T in its mission to provide HIV services for those most in need.

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