What Does the Informal Sector Know about Health Insurance?

Baseline Findings from a Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions Survey in Nairobi, Kenya

SHOPS is implementing a behavior change communication campaign in Nairobi, Kenya, targeted at informal sector workers earning $5 - $15 per day. The objective is to change their attitudes and perceptions towards health insurance which can improve financial access to HIV care and other needed health services. This formative research was gathered through focus group discussions and a household survey of informal sector workers earning $5 - $15 per day. The focus groups and the survey collected information on the target population’s knowledge of basic health insurance concepts, attitudes toward insurance companies and existing health insurance products, household priorities, and health seeking practices. This evidence is informing the behavior change campaign to make sure that is tailored to appeal to the motivations of informal sector workers, especially those who are likely to need HIV services. The presentation was made by Agnes Gatome-Munyua at a meeting with members of the Association of Kenyan Insurers in November 2014.


Matt Kukla, Josef Tayag, and Agnes Gatome-Munyua



November 2014
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