Case study: Developing a national strategy to address gaps in pre-service education in Tanzania

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To strengthen the quality of pre-service education and ultimately the quality of care at private health facilities, SHOPS Plus worked with various stakeholders to design a practicum model that allowed PMTI students to rotate to learning sites at various health facilities and hospitals—including private ones—with sufficient volumes to provide all students with clinical experience in family planning, integrated HIV care, antenatal care, and primary health care.

HIV Workplace Programs Targeting Male Employees in Tanzania: Formative Research


In 2006, Tanzania enacted a National Workplace Policy on HIV and AIDS, which mandates that all workplaces implement HIV/AIDS programs. Despite the enactment of this policy nearly 15 years ago, working men are twice as likely to be HIV positive (4.2 percent) compared to unemployed men (1.9 percent, TACAIDS, et al., 2013). Men in Tanzania are also less likely to know their HIV status and be virally suppressed compared to women.

Setting Global Research Priorities for Private Sector Child Health: A CHNRI Exercise

A recent SHOPS Plus literature review of private sector approaches to manage childhood illness found critical evidence gaps. Though both the public and private sectors are key sources for sick child care in low- and middle-income countries, there is an urgent need to better understand how to harness and improve the private health sector’s role in improving child health and survival.

Mixed-Methods Research in Tanzania to Inform a Total Market Approach for Condoms


The family planning market in Tanzania is characterized by a high level of government and donor interventions. Recent assessments have highlighted the degree to which condom programs, in particular, rely on commodities donated by international actors. This increasing reliance on subsidies places the condom market’s sustainability in jeopardy and could threaten supply if donors make sudden programmatic changes. 

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