Grenada Health Systems and Private Sector Assessment

This assessment consisted of an integrated rapid assessment of Grenada’s health system according to the “building blocks” of the World Health Organization (WHO) health systems strengthening framework: governance, health financing, service delivery, human resources for health, pharmaceutical management, and health information systems. Examination of the current and potential role of the private sector in the health system was incorporated into this approach. 

The assessment team concluded that while the health system in Grenada functions well, there are key areas that could improve the delivery of health care. Addressing these challenges holistically will result in positive and sustained impact, and contribute to a more effective health system in the long term. Overall, the assessment team identified the following key cross-cutting themes:

  • Availability of and capacity to use data for strategic, evidence-based policy, planning, and advocacy;
  • Resource constraints and need for sustainable financing for the health sector;
  • Coordination and collaboration between the public and private health sectors; and
  • Improving community-level primary health care (PHC) service delivery and quality.

Hatt, Laurel, Danielle Altman, Slavea Chankova, Carol Narcisse, Donna-Lisa Peña, Pamela Riley, Jordan Tuchman, Taylor Williamson, and Andrew Won


HS 20/20 and SHOPS Projects

May 2012
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