Ministry steers project planning in a participatory process

Picture of four participants, including Isseu, sitting at a desk at the workshop.
SHOPS Plus Chief of Party, Isseu Diop Touré (left) sitting with stakeholders and participants at the work planning workshop. | Credit: Papa Gagny Sylla

The SHOPS Plus team in Senegal is spearheading a country program built on collaboration by engaging the country’s Ministry of Health and Social Action, USAID mission, the Alliance of Private Providers, and other key stakeholders in the design, work planning, and implementation of activities on a day-to-day basis. 

This extraordinarily participatory effort emerged from USAID Senegal’s commitment to foster collaborative approach. Under the leadership of SHOPS Plus Chief of Party Isseu Diop Touré, who embraced the approach wholeheartedly, the buy-in from partners and stakeholders has been noteworthy.

Photo of the representative of the WHO representing financial and technical partners at the workshop who expressed their support to SHOPS Plus activities
WHO officer in charge, Dr. Farba Lamine Sall (middle), who is representing financial and technical partners at the workshop, expresses their support of SHOPS Plus activities. | Credit: Isseu Diop Touré

SHOPS Plus conducts a workshop with representatives from the public and private sector and with other USAID health implementing partners to draft its annual work plan. This process has led to an enriched discussion about the private sector and ensured that the project’s activities are aligned with the sector’s needs. By working together to develop the trajectory of the project, integrating feedback from all relevant parties, SHOPS Plus helps ensure a sustainable future for the private health sector in Senegal. Through this approach, all stakeholders are empowered to take ownership of the project’s activities. 

Picture of the group sitting in the room at the workshop.
Participants during the work planning workshop at the Ministry of Health on July 25, 2018. | Credit: Papa Gagny Sylla

Putting the Ministry at the center

This past year, SHOPS Plus took its close collaboration with the Ministry to the next level. Previously, the workshop was held at a conference center and public and private stakeholders presented their work. For this year’s work planning exercise, the workshop was held at the offices of the Ministry where government officials presented on some of activities they are helping to implement in tandem with the SHOPS Plus team. This includes building the capacity of the Ministry’s department of private facilities and strengthening private sector participation in universal health coverage efforts in Senegal.

This partnership illustrates the team’s commitment to ensure that the SHOPS Plus project in Senegal is not just a USAID program but a Senegal program.

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